How to claim Vehicle Insurance?

If you are in an accident while riding/ driving your vehicle, remember these points to help in claiming Vehicle Insurance.

Show proof of accident and damage

  • Take photos of the accident scene

  • Write down eye witness accounts of what they saw

  • File FIR

All of these can be shown as proof to the insurance company.

File an FIR

File an FIR with the police and take a copy of the FIR to the insurance company. This should be done in cases of accidents and theft.

Contact the insurance company

  • Call the insurance agent who helped you get the insurance policy or call the insurance company. You can get the company’s toll-free number on their website.

  • It is best to contact the company as soon as possible, preferably within 72 hours of the incident.

Fill a Claim Intimation form

The form can be found on the insurance company’s website. For example: LIC India claim intimation form.

If the insurance company does not have a claim intimation form, a Claim Intimation letter can be written. It should have the following information:

  • Policy Number

  • Name of Insured

  • Vehicle Details

  • Driver Details

  • Description of incident (accident, theft, etc)

  • Workshop details

  • FIR Details

Submit supporting documents

Submit supporting documents

  • Filled Claim Intimation form

  • Accident Details

  • Original Policy Document

  • Legal Evidence of Nominee or Legal Evidence of title in case no nominee is mentioned

  • Claim Discharge Form

Quick Tip

Claim Discharge Form is given by insurance companies at the time of paying the sum assured to the claimant. Example

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    Points to remember

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    How to claim vehicle insurance:

    • Show proof of accident and damage (photos, eye witness)
    • File an FIR
    • Contact the insurance company
    • File a Claim Intimation form
    • Submit supporting documents.

Let's know what to do if you have an issue with the claim settlement!

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