How to write a cheque?

Follow these steps to write a cheque:

Cheques have 5 sections:

Cheques have 5 sections:

1. Date: When the cheque was written?

2. Name of payee: Who is the cheque for? Write their full name. Draw a line or a long dash ————— after the name to make sure the name cannot be changed.

3. Rupees: This is the amount you want to pay. Write it in words. Example: “Five Thousand Rupees”

4. : Write the same amount you wrote above in numbers. Add a standing line and sleeping line after writing the numbers to make sure the amount is not changed. Example: 5000/-

5. Your Signature: Sign on the right hand bottom of the cheque. Your signature on the cheque should match with what is available in the bank’s records.

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